Proven Singapore Math Program

  • Story telling Animation keeps children engaged and enjoy learning

  • Self Learning (A great helper for parents !!!)

  • Created by Singapore Educators using Singapore Math Curriculum 


This tried and tested learning methodology is enabling Singapore students to consistently ranks top in international standard like PISA & TIMMS (Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study).


What is the Singapore Math Curriculum?

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Interactive, Intuitive, and Self learning

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How Children Can Use SMILE

The Way to Learn

  • Watch

    Watch the Lesson Videos in sequence. View Lesson Videos multiple times for better understanding.

  • Learn

    Our Lesson Videos provide Concept Learning, Revision and Practice. Try out worksheets to test what you’ve learned.

  • Test

    Test your knowledge by attempting the quizzes. Each quiz can be done multiple times for better practice.

  • Repeat

    Follow the WATCH LEARN TEST process for subsequent topics and lessons to continuously strengthen your Maths foundation.


Everybody Loves SG Math!

Singapore Education Math has been ranked #1/#2 in the world . The Singapore Mathematics involves the acquisition and application of mathematical concepts and skills in a wide range of situations –  non-routine, open-ended and real-world problems using abstract method.

PISA World Ranking #1

Award-Winning Approach

Built by Singapore Math Educators

Use Proven Singapore method

Pictorial Math Approach

Self Learning via Animation

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