Frequently asked questions

Is my device supported?

You can login to SMILE using Web, IOS, or Android App. For Registration info, refer to the registration steps.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You are entitled to cancel the subscription, but there is no refund policy for the subscription.

How can SMILE help me as a parent?

SMILE is a true self learning tool for childrent to learn Math and it should alleviate Parents involvement to assist or teach children.

SMILE app is availble for which grades?

SMILE math program is available for grade 1 to 6.

Why SMILE is better than other online Math programs or tools?

1. SMILE is built by Singapore Educators using Singapore curriculum. 2. Singapore Math is built to promote cirtical thinking and strong foundation for Math. 3. Each Video lessons are 5 to 6 min long to capture childrens attentions and interest. 4. It is a Self learning tool and promotes to become independant learners. 5. Consistent content throughout instead of confusing contents from one source to another. 6. Don't need to remind the children to learn Math as Children love to learn Math using SMILE. Children can truely learn math with SMILE. 7. Can learn at their own pace. 8. Workjsheets are available for download to reduce screen time.