Registration Steps

1. Click Here.



Scan the below QR code


2. Fill the required fields and click on "Sign Up" Button.


3. Check your email in your inbox and click on the link to activate the account.

4. Login to IGNITE.

5. Select SMILE International version (Yellow Colour)

6. Browse Trial Videos and work sheet for review.

7. If you are ready to buy the product, you can click on any of the lesson.

8. Click on SMILE International and select the grade you wish to purchase.  If you are get 12 month subscription, you are entitled to receive workbook. However, if you didn't follow the steps that is defined here, you won't be able to submit Promo code "SGEDU" to receive free workbook.

9. Click on "Make Payment" Button to complete the purchase.

10. Once you complete the subscription and payment, you can download IOS or Android App for protability.