Program Design
SMILE team oversees the Curriculum and Content idealization, planning and development of the program. It consists of certified teachers with more than 10 years of experience, from the Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) and experienced private tutors, who combine a powerful blend and variety of strategies, ideas and methods to bring the lessons to life.

• Based on the Singapore Math curriculum and methodology. It provides a purposeful flow, sequence and structure of learning. This structure allows a learner to build foundations, master concepts and learn progressively.
• While we adopt the Singapore Math methodology in our overall program design, we closely follow the curriculum of the local country to facilitate the learners experience. Hence, there are slight variations in versions e.g., suitable for Singapore
learners, for international markets such as the USA, Australia, Canada, Central Asia etc.

Content & Format
The duration, themes and presentation formats in our videos are carefully considered and prepared for optimal learning:
• Per grade, there are close to 80 videos, each with an average duration of 5 minutes. We are mindful of the attention span of our learners, thus we keep the concepts bite-sized.

• We encourage learners to watch 1-2 videos per week.
• SMILE videos are designed to follow a deliberate sequence for concept learning, knowledge testing and application through scaffolding, and practice revision.
• A video usually ends with a practice question or revision to reinforce knowledge. Some videos are designed as pairs where Part 1 ends with concept teaching and Part 2 contains practice questions.
• The videos are topical. A learner can choose based on Topics or follow the overall sequence. As our lesson videos follow a deliberate sequence for optimal learning, we recommend viewing in this planned sequence.
• Thematic storytelling illustrate that Math is in our everyday lives and a child learns to relate topics like Money, Time, Fractions etc. to what they see around them.
• As a learner progresses to higher grades, our videos teach learners problem-solving through heuristics.
• To test understanding and apply knowledge, we have downloadable worksheets for practice.
• We interject lesson videos with quizzes to further reinforce and test understanding. This Learn-Reinforce-Apply design lets your child grasp concepts and practice to reinforce. Knowledge enhances progressively through this cycle of learning.
• SMILE videos are presented with on-screen instructions and text in English and currently available with voice-overs in English and Russian language.