Payment Options
There is one mode of payment and subscription scheme.

12-month subscription @ USD220.00 | SGD299.00

Make sure to subscribe via web site first per instruction. Once you are subscribed, you can access SMILE via Web,  Android, or IOS per your preference. 

Workbook – free offer, with annual subscriptions. But will requires to follow specific steps. (Refer to registration steps)
• Grades 1 to 4:
Retail price USD26.90 | with workings and answers

• Grades 5 to 6:
Retail price USD31.90 | with workings and answers

Free Grade Switch Period
• After purchase, users can make use of a 14-day “Free Switch” feature to switch to another grade that they feel may be more suitable for their learning needs.
• The 14-day Free Switch begins from the date of purchase.
• To activate the Free Switch, users can go to the SixClouds website
( to submit a request ticket to notify SixClouds or you can submit you request via

Here are the steps:
o Select product - Ignite
o Select ticket type - “General Inquiries”
o Choose ticket category - “General Inquiries”
o Under “Subject” type in “Switch My Plan”
o In the description box provided, furnish contact account email, contact
number, current grade purchased and which grade to switch into.
o SixClouds will reply within 2 business days.
o Do not submit multiple requests.
• After the 14-day grace period, SixClouds will not allow further switches of program level for the same purchase.