SGEdu Inc. 

SGEdu Inc. is the proud sole Canada distributor and promoter of Singapore Developed Math Learning program called Ignite SMILE App by SixClouds.

Singapore Math Innovative Learning Experience (SMILE)

What is SMILE?
SMILE (Singapore Math Innovative Learning Experience) is a Math learning program catered for learners from Grades 1 – 6, we adopt the Singapore Math curriculum, which provides a systematic approach to understand mathematical concepts, build strong foundations and facilitate Math learning effectively.

Our program:
• Is an online subscription platform accessible via the web, Android Google Play Store and iOS in Apple Store (note: information on how and where to download is found in the following sections). 
• Has close to 80 videos for each grade, with quizzes and downloadable worksheets
• has a built-in Progress Tracker which captures a learner’s progress and quiz performance.

Why Singapore Math?
Research has shown that Math knowledge and proficiency improves when there is a purposeful flow, sequence and structure of learning. The Singapore Math methodology is designed to build strong foundations, reinforce knowledge and boost growth in proficiency through a progressive structure. It also introduces a fresh approach to learning with models and problem-solving techniques.
• Singapore tried, tested and highly successful case model. Over consecutive years, Singaporean students rank First in Mathematics in global standards assessment studies such as PISA (Program for International Student Assessment) and TIMMS (Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study). Singapore ranked Second in the recent 2018 PISA.
• Singapore students trained in Singapore Math attain the Highest Standards for Numeracy in terms of concept understanding, problem-solving and application.
• To-date, more than 20 countries around the world adopt Singapore Math as their teaching methodology in both public and private schools. Non-Singaporean school systems are re-hauling their curriculum, teaching methods and syllabus because they recognize the effectiveness of Singapore Math as an effective learning tool.

Why Animation?
• Animation is a fun medium for learning.
• Findings from a Harvard Initiative for Learning and Teaching (HILT) study states that visual cues, narration, subtitles and natural accents allow a viewer to receive and retain information more effectively.
• Learners, especially children are able to articulate ideas and statements picked up from animation more easily.
• “Talking head” types of videos commonly found online have facial cues and accents which prove to be a distraction and turn-off for children.
• Complex mathematical concepts or topics are explained a simple graphic manner for ease of learning.
• SMILE lesson videos are a blend of education and entertainment.

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